Pentecost 2013 logo design

In May 2013, a special week-long celebration of Pentecost was held by St Martin’s Church in Liskeard, England, including a wide variety of events and services that the entire town were invited to take part in.

I was asked to create a logo for the celebrations that could be used on all publicity material relating to the event. Typical symbols of Pentecost include a dove, flames and the cross, and St Martin’s Church requested that some or all of those symbols be present in the logo.


We were looking for a logo to give instant recognition and impact to a variety of materials we were preparing for our Pentecost 2013 weekend, and which could be used later in activities that sprang from that weekend. We had a few basic and raw ideas which Jo developed to create a collection of highly professional marketing materials to promote and support the weekend. In particular her design of the logo, incorporating a flame and a dove, will continue to be used year on year.  I would thoroughly recommend Jo’s work to anyone who wishes to bring a touch of professionalism to a forthcoming event.

— Rev. Tony Ingleby, St Martin’s Church

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